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2. Specialized Tutors for IB/CIE Programs

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The highly qualified online tutors at IB School Board are helping students gain excellence in all sections of the IB Program; these include:

  • IB Mathematics (HL/SL/Studies)
  • IB Physics (HL/SL)
  • IB Chemistry (HL/SL)
  • IB Biology (HL/SL)
  • IB Accounts (HL/SL)
  • IB Economics (HL/SL)
  • IB Business Management (HL/SL)
  • IB English (HL/SL)
  • IB History, etc.

IB/IGCSE/A/AS level students!

Develop the right skills for success through the in-house developed techniques of our tutors.

  • Get access to specialized training modules for acing all IB/IGCSE/A/AS level examinations.
  • Solve question papers of past years with specially formulated marking schemes to assess yourself before examinations.
  • Get specimen papers for all subjects, and complete assistance for handling internal assessments, assignments and projects.

With many feathers in its cap, IB School Board has produced top ranking students in the last 4 years - consistently and without fail.

Embrace the expertise and experience of our dedicated and resourceful team of teachers.

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