At IBSB, our strength lies in our teachers. They are the true motivators of our students’ success. Our IB/CIE trained, specialized, result- oriented tutors are Numero Uno in the industry and boast of proven track records for delivering extraordinary results. Once selected for our Academy – after grueling stages of interview, all faculty members have to undergo compulsory in-house training before they start instructing students. All new faculty members are expected to complete approximately 6-12 months of such training; until then, they serve in the capacity of assistant teachers to the senior faculty.
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Our Tutors: Their Role and Relevance at IBSB

If you are still wondering about our USP at IB SCHOOL BOARD, then do know that it fitfully lies in our 100 % caring and committed staff. We take pride in our professional and dedicated instructors who work relentlessly to serve the educational needs of individual students. At Revolution of Education, our professionally managed center, we undertake all requisite measures to hire the best teachers in the industry.

  • Our tutors are well-qualified and have the necessary certifications and degrees such as Masters of Science (M.Sc.), Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) to make them eligible as faculty members for IBSB.
  • With 4-7 years of experience of teaching university, junior high, and senior secondary school students, our tutors hold boundless expertise in varied subject fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.
  • All tutors are completely aware about the existing curriculum and all updates/ changes related to the new IB Curriculum. They pass on this knowledge to each student, encourage their academic potential manifold, and help them attain success.
  • Our tutors participate wholeheartedly in the development and implementation of instruction materials, special remedial programs, and after school teaching sessions for low performing mathematics students.
  • The portfolio and senior secondary / university level tests for mathematics have been developed and designed by our tutors after a lot of research; they are indeed worthwhile for our students.