• We provide the specimen papers and question banks of past years with bench marked mark schemes.
  • Blueprint – Our tutors chart the roadmap to success and help students score the highest grades. They offer the best advice pertaining to the different assessment criteria of the IB/CIE Program and suggest the topics that carry extra weight-age or require more focus. All students are consistently encouraged to practice questions and solutions in line with the assessment criteria of the given curriculum. By following the Blueprint, our students are assured of outperforming others and attaining success.
  • At IBSB, we take pride in offering all possible assistance for completing assignments and projects such as commentaries, TOK, extended essays, and portfolio development.
  • We send regular evaluation reports to parents so that they may attain a more comprehensive idea about the performance of their wards and take remedial actions if necessary – and in good time.

Intensive Exam Preparation Program (IEPP)

We offer an intensive preparatory program for all students based outside New Delhi / India.

  • The IEPP Program allows them to complete their course, at our center, in a very short duration.
  • The IEPP Program is specifically arranged for those students who are facing problems in accessing the skills of IB/CIE trained and result-oriented tutors from home.
  • The Program is conducted several times across the year, particularly during the long session breaks in the months of June –August and December-January.
  • Our tutors assist students in finding quick solutions for the specimen papers and questions of the last 10 years, as well as other expected questions. They do this via in-house developed techniques pertaining to short cuts, rigorous practice sessions and skilful time management.


We present a specialized program “IB SCHOOL BOARD – International Quest”. This immensely helpful Program is designed for students seeking admission to foreign universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Poland, China, Russia, Holland, Philippines etc. The Program prepares each student comprehensively, and also facilitates crucial admission processes with timely profile updates, accurate form filling procedures, and much more.